Embrace Your Tribe

Your tribe… This is a phrase I am hearing more and more in the community I work in. We are an ecosystem of diverse individuals working towards a greater good. We all have our own projects, businesses, jobs and micro tribes. However, we all communicate, relate, and care about each other in a way I…

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Learning Isn’t Always in the Classroom

Everyday is a day of lessons in our house. It does not matter if it is a school day or not someone is learning something. This week the lessons that have been learned were not academic, but rather life lessons. My son came home this week to tell me all about his new friend at…

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Teddy Takes on the Capitol

We took a trip to Washington for J’s 10th Birthday. We were able to spend 4 days in our Nations Capitol and we saw as many sites as we could. The Metro was a bit of an overwhelming undertaking, but J got used to it after about the 5th trip. Teddy went with us throughout…

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