Embrace Your Tribe

Your tribe… This is a phrase I am hearing more and more in the community I work in. We are an ecosystem of diverse individuals working towards a greater good. We all have our own projects, businesses, jobs and micro tribes. However, we all communicate, relate, and care about each other in a way I didn’t know was possible.

They say you find out who your friends are when you go through tough stuff. I have found out that I have many a friend in the WordPress community. We ran into some tough stuff happening to my kiddo that ended up involving the criminal and dependency courts. One person, in particular, stepped up to help me navigate the waters and understand what was going on. His name… Jesse Petersen.

Jesse and his wife Kristin

Jesse was a foster dad, husband, developer, Christian and overall amazing person. He would check in on us all the time to make sure things were moving smoothly, and to make sure I was okay. He told me that what happens to our kids happens to us, even if we don’t think so. Jesse passed away last week. Our tribe, the WP Community, has rallied around his family in so many ways. His wife was such a blessing to him and he spoke of her and his boys often.

Jesse made our rough journey so much easier to get through. Knowing that someone understood and cared about the journey changed everything. I can not express to his family how thankful I am that they supported him helping others and being part of this tribe. Our tribe is a little duller now, but his lessons will live on through all of us.

To contribute to Jesse’s family in their time of need you can do so here.

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