Teddy Takes on the Capitol

We took a trip to Washington for J’s 10th Birthday. We were able to spend 4 days in our Nations Capitol and we saw as many sites as we could. The Metro was a bit of an overwhelming undertaking, but J got used to it after about the 5th trip. Teddy went with us throughout the city and was caught misbehaving a few times. All in all I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderfully behaved J was. I think the only think that really had J upset through the whole trip was how TSA handled his bag on the way home. A tin spirograph set cause the TSA agents some concern so they went through all of J’s carryons. He was nervous and shaking from the agents manhandling his possessions. I had to explain to the agent that my son has Aspergers and is very protective, and to J that the agent was just doing his job. The agent cleared his bags and we were good to board. J learned that sometimes people have to invade our space. The trip was amazing despite that one hiccup. Here are some pictures from our trip.

img_1070 img_0983img_1037 img_1065
img_1075 img_1076 img_1261 img_1271 img_1279 img_1300 img_1281 img_1283img_1307 img_1332 img_1334 img_1345 img_1352 img_1409 img_1419 img_1424 img_1445 img_1458 img_1462 img_1463 img_1489 img_1495 img_1496 img_1498 img_1499 img_1502 img_1505 img_1507

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