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My name is Sandy Edwards and I have been in the small business and event industry for over a decade and building websites for over 1 year. My combined experience allows me to help you build the right kind of website for your event, wedding or starter business. I am proficient in HTML5, CSS3, and WordPress. I also am knowledgeable in local Search Engine Optimization(SEO), on page SEO, and SEO Rich Content Writing. Creating affordable websites is what I pride myself in. I currently manage websites for crafters, bloggers, small businesses, and bands. Building your first website, or moving to a new website does not have to be frustrating or a hassle. Check out my blog for tips, tricks, and general information. If you can not find an answer you are looking for feel free to reach out to me directly.


More About Me

We are a family of three and our son has Aspergers. You will see throughout this site that there is a lot that goes into our days as an Asperger's family. My hope is that you find helpful resources, tips, and thoughts that help you get through your day as an Asperger's parent or sibling. Remember that every day is different, and I have found that love and patience goes a long way.

Our journey has been a unique one, everyone's journey is, however, our journey included a period of time where our son faced physical abuse from someone who was close to the family. This causes him to shut down. For the last year, we have been climbing out of his pit of despair and back into the realm of safety and security. His biggest challenge was to realize that he did nothing wrong and that he is so greatly loved and appreciated.

Therapy has been amazing for us as we have a therapist that understands autism and trauma. We went through 3 therapists before we found the right one. Sometimes you have to keep searching until you find a therapist that works with your child.

The bottom line is you can make your child's world amazing, it may not be easy, but keep checking back as I will be here to remind you that you are not alone. Also, I will be posting resources for your family to use. Everything that works for us may not work for you, but hopefully, I can help provide you ideas.

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