To Infinity and Beyond…

It is no secret that I love all things Disney. I love the movies, the parks, and the food. Catch me on main street singing A Whole New World eating a churro in my Minnie Ears and you will see I am at my happiest. But not this year. Not since COVID. Instead, I am watching Point of View ride videos and dreaming of churros.

I have learned a lot since March. First, my joy comes from within. Sure there have been hard days, but all in all my spirits have been pretty good (despite the fact that I am such an extrovert I would go to Disney just to be around people). In all this, the Little Mermaid song “Part of Your World” lives in my head… “I want to be … where the people are…”

I find it interesting that every day is a new adventure in its own way. One day the adventure is all COVID related, the next work, the next teen drama, and so on. Everyday brings its own joy, sorrow, and well, adventure.

Disney Springs just reopened, and for me it is like getting a wee bit of the magic back. Sure I have to wear a mask, and boy are they enforcing it (that is a good thing), but man is it good to be back on property. My extroverted heart is seeing people, from a distance of 6′ but people nonetheless.

I know this is a new normal… 6′ distance… masks (can’t see smiles) … and hugs… no hugs… but being out in the magic even for a bit is making me see that the cloud hanging out over Eeyore’s head won’t be there much longer. Even Eeyore can see it.

Be kind. Be Mindful. Wear A Mask. Have Fun. Be Safe. Or… Stay Home.

We can all do this if we do it together. To Infinity And Beyond! (Or just to a new normal)

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