Time with Family Matters

The older I get the more I realize that time with my family is precious, limited, and genuinely priceless. The days fly by and the years do too. I made the mistake of blinking. They tell you, as a mom, don’t blink. I didn’t listen, and I blinked. I blinked and now my precious little snuggle bear is now a senior in high school. A senior. He’s not just any senior, he is a senior with a 3.5 GPA, captain of the chess club, and a tall fine young man. I shouldn’t have blinked.

Time is weird

Time is a construct. Some days crawl by and some days move at warp speed; so fast you don’t even have time to say “Beam me up Scotty”. Then there are the middle days. The middle days are my favorite. The middle days are the ones that you get to soak up. The middle days are the ones you remember to not blink.

We go into these days with plans, fun, and good times in mind. We work tirelessly as moms to build lasting memories and to be there as our kids grow. The middle matters. These are the times we teach lessons and kiss boo-boos. These are the days we hug after breakups and dry tears. The middle is forming them.

Here are some of our middle days.

But Alas All Good Things Must End

It is so hard soaking up the lasts. The last first day of school. The last days to pack lunches. The last days to argue over clean rooms and homework. The last time to take a family vacation without having to plan around military leave. I am choosing this school year to not blink. Bring on the senior breakfast, the after-school club meetings, and the open houses. Bring on the parent-teacher conference and the guidance meetings. Bring on the tissues because this year I am soaking it all in.

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