Summer Is Coming

Summer is fast approaching and there are so many awesome things to do with the kids around Central Florida. If you are looking for adventures for the kids, summer camp programs, or just ideas for around the house, hopefully, this post can be of assistance.

Summer Adventures

We all need to get out of the house from time to time during the summer months, and although the days are hot and humid, there is still a lot to do outside that is tons of fun.

Lake Apopka Wildlife Preserve Drive

The Drive is 15 miles and there are over 360 species of wildlife to be viewed. Most viewers say it is best to go in the morning before the day gets too hot. This allows the nocturnal animals to not be sleeping yet, and also for the daytime animals to be more active. This drive is extra special as there is an audio tour. You can play the tour through your phone and learn about the wildlife and the lake.


Audio Tour

Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse

This lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Florida that anyone can walk up to the top. It is 213 stairs to the top. Make sure you take a look at the grounds as this is one of the few lighthouses in the state that has the different lenses on display for all to see. The grounds are open and it takes more than an hour to tour the grounds. The pricing is rather affordable at $6.95/adults and $1.95/kids(11 and under). This pricing was listed on May 14, 20,18 and is subject to change so check the website prior to going.


Central Florida Zoo

The Central Florida Zoo is home to over 400 animals and is a good solid 3 hours of fun. The Zoo also has ziplining courses and ropes courses on site as well. These are sold separately so make sure to check out the website to plan your day. Admission is reasonably priced but a lot of things are extra like the train ride around the zoo grounds.


Kelly Park

Kelly Park is an amazing place to go tubing and kayaking. Come out and enjoy the wildlife on part of the Rock Springs water area. The park is an Orange County Park so the fees are minimal and the canoe launch has a nominal fee. It is extremely reasonable and a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. One thing to keep in mind is that the waterways will be closed for too much alligator activity so please check the site prior to going.



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