Until that Day Comes…

As a mom the last thing you ever want is for your child to get hurt. It does not matter if it is a stubbed toe or a broken heart, when your little person is in pain so are you. For our little family the day no mom wants to come, came. The week before my son turned 8 he was abused by someone he lived with at his other home. The whole experience has been like living through a bad nightmare you can not wake up from. We went to ER twice, have been to the doctor multiple times since then, and therapy for him is a weekly occurrence now. I am not writing this for anyone to feel bad for us, quite the opposite. I am writing because I need your help.

There is a loop hole in Florida law that prevented my son from getting an injunction from his abuser. The person who took his feeling of safety and security away from him. I know that an injunction is simply a piece of paper, but to us, that piece of paper was a security blanket both of us needs. I am asking that you simply share our story and our petition to Congress to close the gap in the law when it comes to Minor’s being Abused. Please think about it, pray about it and sign it. We both appreciate it.


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