Finding Joy in the Busy Times

Being as busy as a bee is stressful, and sometimes it is hard to find joy in it. We get so caught up in cooking, working, cleaning, teaching and just about everything else the family needs that we forget to take time for ourselves. We are important. Our mental health is important. Our joy is important.

It has been a year of travel, fun, work, stress and so much more and I learned so much in 2019. The biggest lesson was to say no. To step back and re-evaluate what I commit to. To realize my family needs me whole, not broken. This was a huge realization. Between homeschooling, running the company, writing for our blog Florida Sun and advocating for kids technology classes around the world my plate has been full. And I have LOVED every minute of it.

This year I am slowing down and taking in the joy of what is going on around me. Finding joy in the journey and making sure I don’t overextend myself.

This means being more purposeful in my daily decisions. Choosing to set aside time in the schedule each week for family and fun. So far this has been huge. Remembering that if it doesn’t affect me or my immediate family then it isn’t worth worrying about at this moment in time. And some fights are just not worth having.

People are my focus this year. I want to love more, worry less and be happy more. I want to choose JOY. May this year be a year of starting a much better tomorrow. May this year be filled with all the honey produced from choosing to be purposeful in all we do.

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