A Wicked Good WordCamp

It is truly fascinating how different every WordCamp truly is and yet, they are all the same. Boston is no different. This camp is similar to others in that it runs 3 tracks for 2 days and focuses on creating a positive environment for all attendees. The organizers did a great job making sure everyone felt welcomed and appreciated. 


This year was the inaugural KidsCamp event for Boston. The event featured 2 new KidsCamp teachers and 12 kids. It was an amazing event and I feel as though they are set up to really include kids into their local communities. There are so many great ways via after school programs, meetups and more that they can do to incorporate kids into this thriving community.

Contributor Day

WordCamp Boston featured a contributor day. This is a semi-common practice at WordCamp’s, but not all have one. This was run simultaneously with tracks which were very interesting to see how this setup worked. It was amazing! New contributors had the opportunity to still gain knowledge in certain sessions and contribute to others.

Hallway Track

One of my favorite things at a WordCamp is the hallway track. This is the name for spending time networking and speaking with sponsors. The events would not be what they are without the sponsors and speakers. The hallway track is a great place to meet new people, continue amazing conversations with old friends and brainstorm fun ideas. Boston has a great hallway track setup because there are tables to sit and converse in the middle of the room allowing for great networking and conversations.

This camp is in a great location at a great time of year and features great speakers and sponsors. If you live in the New England area or want to visit this camp is a must-do in my book. Until next time Boston! This camp was Wicked Good!

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