Living in an Open Source World

I live, work, and play in an open source world. Most of what I do in this world is done in the open. There are not closed door meetings, or hiding facts. Event budgets are open for review and intentions are very important. The open source community is not a place for egos, and isn’t a place to railroad others. It is a place to learn, laugh and live together as friends and colleagues.

Our community strives to be ultra inclusive, absolutley accepting and like a second family to most. Most of us in the community look past ideologies, knowledge levels and titles and just enjoy learning from each other. There is beauty in diversity.

Intentional… That is my word of the year. Everything I do I want it to be intentional. If you see me at an event talking to people, it was intentional. My time is a commodity. My life needs to be full purposed. And our community needs to do the same. But intentions matter. If you are in the community for personal gain… just don’t. Your goals should be to provide others an amazing experience, not to bolster your own name.

We are a community of fierce volunteers. We spread love and acceptance and joy. We will work tirelessly to find you a place in our world.

One of my favorite movies has a song and my favorite line is this:

There’s room for everyone in this world. If everyone makes some room. Won’t you move over and share this world. Everyone make some room.

Pete’s Dragon

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