I Wonder as I Wander

There will be a lot of wandering this year. I already know of at least 12 trips we will be taking for both business and pleasure. Places like Irvine, Vegas, Little Rock, Boston and oh so many more. The opportunities to catch a good solid case of wanderlust are strong.

There will be many chances to learn new things, meet new people, engage and decompress. The anxiety and excitement of it all is overwhelming and fueling at times. The fact is whether I travel alone or with friends I am intrigued by the ability to get from place to place so quickly. Even 30 years ago we did not have the luxuries of today.

The next trip will be to the North Carolina mountains and I personally can not wait to sit on the hotel terrace and enjoy the mountain breeze. Despite the trip being for work I am sure I will enjoy the ability to relax with friends a decompress a bit from the hustle of the travel itself.

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