Getting Organized and Staying Organized

I am always asked how do I fit everything into my schedule. I own a business, homeschool my son with autism, plan community events and so much more. There are a few tools I use to stay on track with all of these things and thought you might want to know about them.

Personal Items

We all have chores, errands, tasks that come up that fall on you and you alone. For these items I use ToDoIst. This app allows me to create task schedules. You can use it for when to wash the windows, change the air filters, get an oil change, etc. You can also use it to create chore plans for the kiddos. There are free and paid versions and no matter what you choose it is sure to please. This app has iOS and Android Apps to help you stay organized on the go. I personally love the MacOS app so that I can keep the app on its own desktop screen split-screened with my calendar. This allows me to have a full view of my week at any given time. This helps me plan appointments, meetings, and homeschool outings around my full schedule including silly things like cleaning the kitchen and other chores.


This is such a HUGE part of our day. I plan the month out and tweak it every Sunday. I picked curriculums that for the most part have a very rigid schedule. This is mainly because with my sons Autism his rigidity is fierce, and this helps him stay focused to some degree. I do use a paper planner, though and most look at me funny because I am in tech. This has been an amazing planner that allows me to pencil in meal plan ideas, grocery lists, goals for me for the month and so much more. The Well Planned Gal’s Well Planned Day planner is top notch. Anything they make is pretty awesome, to be honest, but this planner takes the cake.

Meal Planning

I am a stickler for balanced, healthy meal options that work with our schedule. I create a tentative schedule in the homeschool planner, but that doesn’t always align with schedule changes and outings. To help achieve this goal I use Plan to Eat. The mobile apps and web browser versions are amazing, and they have a recipe scraper tool that pulls recipes off the internet and right into your planner. This allows for the ability to quickly find and add recipes to our planner. The other benefit is you can see per serving calories. So if you are dieting like us adults are then this is an easy way to track your calories and some macros.

Work Focus Organization

We use a lot of tools at my organization, but I personally need an added little item to help me stay focused and set priorities because there is just a lot of moving pieces and parts as a CEO. I personally LOVE the Panda Planner for all my prioritization. It helps me maintain a work-life balance that is crucial to my success. Family, Adventures, Homeschooling, and Work all have to be carefully balanced at the end of the day or someone will not be happy. This is not a small task. This planner allows me to keep me sane and also reminds me to take some me time to ensure I stay healthy too.

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