Living In Your Shadow

Life is a very funny thing. The lessons you learn are not always what they seem at first. It is becoming ever more clear why my parents always told me to leave the past behind and to not look back. Looking back causes you to live in your shadow.

Shadows are interesting. They never really leave you, but they do nothing for you. They play tricks on you and leave you wondering. Living in your shadow does the same. People come and go from your life all the time, but if you hold on too tightly to their friendships, their presence or the idea of their friendship and presence you end up feeling lost and lonely unnecessarily. They meld into your shadow.

Social Media has made this shadow world that much stronger. I looked over my Facebook account the other day and realized that I have a lot of “friends” but most of them live in my shadow. There are a few that live in my today, but most my past. They offer nothing to my now. They don’t want to be participating in my life. It sounds harsh, but I too offer them little value.

The question I now ask is: Why? Why do we live in our shadows? Is it for memories sake? Is it for nostalgia? Is it to feel like a kid again? Do you live in your shadow? Or do you live in your today?

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