For various reasons we had the opportunity to explain to our J why our marriage works. I can not speak for all marriages out there, but this is why ours does.

We are Best Friends First

We don’t go to Disney together or the beach or travel because we are married. We did that before we were married. We do fun things together because we are besties. We love going places and spending time together because we are best friends. If something bad happens he is my go to, and marriage didn’t change that. We were friends LONG before we were married, and that has totally shaped the way we respond to each other.

We Do Not Go To Bed Angry

I hear this from a lot of couples, but it is so very true. Going to bed angry allows you to stew and it can breed resentment and a cycle of anger. We put our issues to rest before we put ourselves to rest and it is amazing how this allows me to sleep well.

Our Love Was Born From Years not Days

We have spent years together… I have known my husband since I was 12. I was the annoying girl down the street. I was NOT the love interest until much later. We dated off and on through high school. After college having still been friends and other life turns happening we gave it one more go. It stuck. As mature adults, we found being partnered with the person you go to for all the good and bad in your life is the person to be partnered with.

We are NOT perfect and we do make mistakes, but the mistakes are easier to navigate with your best friend by your side. Marriage is not easy, but it is easier when you are with the one who supports everything you do and have done for years. He is my shoulder to cry on, my strength in the storm, and my cheerleader through all things.

What kinds of things make your marriage successful?

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  1. Jeff Matson on March 25, 2019 at 16:27

    This is exactly how my wife and I work as well. It’s amazing how simple it really is. ?

    Being best friends is critical and is well worth it as the years go on.

    To add, here’s a few things I’ve noticed about my marriage that seem to be key:

    1. We can hang out and chat for hours without anything else other than each other.
    2. We don’t sweat about small things. One of us forgot to do something that the other asked for? Mention it and just keep rolling.
    3. Open communication is critical. If one of us sees an issue coming up, we address it immediately and with an open mind so that it doesn’t ever become anything more than a single minor detail.
    4. Shared hobbies/interests are big for us. We’re big into retro gaming (specifically our home arcade), and have a ton of fun together with it.
    5. Realizing that we’re the coolest people we know. I’m absolutely fascinated by her, and she is of me. It’s weird when I think about it, but we almost treat each other like celebrities in our own ways. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like a constant urge to impress each other.
    6. We separate our concerns and take responsibility for our half. For us, it’s me paying the bills/doing paperwork/the boring stuff and she does things like cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc. We both enjoy our responsibilities and take pride in them.

    You two are awesome and I wish you so many more fantastic years together!

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