Homeschooling Disney – Animal Kingdom

I know we head out to Disney probably too much. I really do love being at the parks, riding the rides and believe it or not most of the food (especially during Epcot Festivals). But one little known fact about Disney is just how educational it really is.

Of course, Animal Kingdom is educational. They have the safari ride and the walking trails and ALL the animals. But did you know they have a free educational program called Wilderness Explorers? There are “Outposts” around the park with “Guides” and they help your kiddos learn all about the mission at hand. Some are related to Flag Signals and others are about a specific type or species of animal. There are even lessons about African and Asian cultures.

There are lots of opportunities to study the animals, and cultures of these two continents throughout the park. The shops, restaurants and animal trails are themed to the animals that come from the African and Asian areas. There is ample opportunity to enjoy and learn at the same time.

What is your favorite thing to learn about at Animal Kingdom?

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