Mothers Day

There are not too many holidays that I don’t call “greeting card” holidays. Even this one I do, however, I find solace in today. Today is a day I get to thank the mothers in my life that came before me; this includes my mom, mother-in-law, grandmothers, etc. But today is hard. Not everyone still has a mom in their life. Sometimes the lack of presence is due to a necessary choice, abandonment, or even death. Remember to be amazingly compassionate today.

The other reason I do enjoy mothers day is because it is the one day I get to be a tad selfish. I work hard 364 days a year to be a wife and mother that keeps up with as much as I possibly can (homeschool, running a business, volunteering, housework, etc) and I get 1 day to rest or call the shots my way. One day that even the kiddo is told “No today is her day”. Okay my birthday I can get away with a lot too, but sometimes there are surprises I have no control over.

So today I plan to have peace and quiet and to catch up. I plan to watch tv with the kiddo and go see my mom and mother in law. I plan to enjoy the day and take no moment for granted. The time on this earth is limited and I hope to soak up every little bit we have here.

Happy Mothers Day to all those who are or want to be moms and to those who are teachers because sometimes you are the only mother those kids will ever know.

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