My HelloFresh Adventure

It was pure luck that a free HelloFresh box landed in my lap. I ordered our box and it came in this week. We were all very excited to try it out. There were 10 meals to pick from and we picked the family plan that delivers 2 meals for 4 people each.

Picking Your Meals

The first step was to decide on what meals to receive. HelloFresh did an amazing job of providing pretty pictures of the meals and descriptions. The show full descriptions, time to prep the meals, allergens and full recipes. This provides pretty much everything you need to make an informed decision on the food choices for your family.

Receiving Your Meals

Our box came via UPS. It was well packed with a bunch of ice packs. Everything was very cold when it arrived, but the ice packs were fully melted so if the day was hotter I am not sure everything would have arrived cold. The vegetables and spices are packed in paper bags and labeled with the meal title. Underneath another block of ice is all your meat. Always fully check your box because the meat can shift in shipping and you don’t want to accidentally miss it.

Cooking Your Meal

The kit includes very clearly marked instructions on a card that you should be able to keep and reuse. Having a background in culinary it was extremely easy for me to follow these instructions. I will say that having some basic cooking knowledge is needed. For example, it might say finely dice the onion. If you are not aware of what dice is that might be a problem. The instructions were very broken down and easy to follow. Our next meal in this box I will be letting J give it a go. He loves to cook and I want to see how he does with it.

Step 1: Lay Everything Out

This is not a step they give you, but it is a step that I learned in culinary school. You can’t burn stuff you walk away from because you forgot something if everything is right in front of you. There are a couple of items with every recipe you will need to grab on your own. For this recipe it was a skillet, 2 baking sheets, olive oil, water and butter. Everything else came in the kit.

Step 2: Read the Instructions Carefully

Again, not a step listed by HelloFresh, but it is always good to have an idea of what you will be doing next. I took a moment to read the recipe card ahead of time.

Step 3: Follow the Directions

Okay so I know that doesn’t have to be said, but I also know I personally will go off book. I made sure this time to follow every step to the letter so that I would have the exact outcome HelloFresh was promising. Other than the meat taking a little longer than expected (which could be my older ovens fault) it was pretty close to being spot on with timing and temperatures.

Step 4: Enjoy

When I chose our meals I was not sure I was going to like this one. I am generally not a fig fan and I also am not a fan of balsamic anything. This was really really amazing! The whole family enjoyed it. I loved that everything is perfectly portioned too. I was able to grab nutrition information from the website which is great because us adults are on diets. And the caloric count is on the recipe card. We are a family of 3 which means there is leftovers for tomorrow for one of us for lunch.

All in all I am very very pleased with HelloFresh. If you would like to get started with HelloFresh here is a link for $40 off. This is an affiliate link. I will be doing a review of EveryPlate next week as well.

What is your favorite way to save time planning, prepping, and cooking?

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