Embrace the Little Things

No matter where you go in life or what you do there will always be a time to notice the little things. It is the little things that add up and end a 20 year marriage. It is the little things that turn a failing marriage around and make it last a lifetime.  Have you ever thought about what makes you go wow? Is it seeing a drop of dew on the grass, the ocean, or the view form the top of a mountain? Those moments, the ones that make you go “Wow” typically come in minute doses. They are your little things. People these days are so busy going places, working, and trying to keep up with the Jones’ that they forget to embrace their own lives. Sometimes we all need to look at the clouds and try to see what shapes we see, or sit on the beach and just watch the waves roll in. You have 40 hours a week to work. The weekend is for the little things.

I try to find joy in everything, and most people you ask will tell you that I am a happy person, but it is mainly because I embrace the little things. It means the world to me when my husband does a load of laundry, or cleans the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when he does big things for me to, like finding a way to take us on vacation. But for me it is the little things that I admire most. You can’t ignore the big stuff. You can’t ignore anything major that happens in your life, but you can ignore the little things. You can ignore the time your significant other brings you flowers just because they love you. You can ignore the time that your loved one buys you a present for no reason. You can ignore that you came home to dinner on the table and the kitchen clean. You can ignore all of these things, but it is not wise to. Embrace the little things.

You can choose to not ignore your spouse calling to check on you in the middle of the day when you were feeling under the weather the day before. You can choose to not ignore when your spouse does anything selfless for you, especially when it is something that they can not stand to do themselves. You choose, and your choice determines their reaction. Relationships are a two way street, so embrace the little things.

The things you do in your life tell what kind of person you are, Actions really do speak louder then words. So embrace the little things. Embrace telling your spouse you love them. If you haven’t and feel like you may not any more do it anyway, and you will start to remember why you loved them when you got married. Embrace the little things. Take out the garbage without being asked and don’t expect a response, but I bet you will get one. Embrace the little things. Stop on your next trip with your spouse or significant other and enjoy your favorite drink at your favorite spot for old times sake. These are the little things, if you choose to not embrace them, you can bring the strongest marriage to the ground or to it’s knees or both. But if you embrace the little things, then you will soar like an Eagle. You will soar as a person. You will soar in your marriage. And you will soar with a new appreciation in life. So embrace the little things and be amazed at what happens.

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