Trauma Doesn’t Own You

Trauma is a funny word. The definition is an emotional response to a terrible event. Trauma isn’t the event. Trauma doesn’t just happen. Your response does. I am not saying this response is not warranted. A lot of the time it is, but it doesn’t own you.

My amazing son had a couple of horrible terrible things happen. That wasn’t the trauma part, his reaction was. A lot of it was age related, and disability related, but his reaction nonetheless. And today it doesn’t own him anymore.

He spent a few years in trauma therapy where we all worked through what had happened. The facts are that when something traumatic (something that leads to trauma) happens everyone around you can endure some form of trauma. In his case, I too had a lot to process.

The brain is a very persuasive organ. It can swing many directions in thought and stance. It can make you feel sad, alone, happy, wanted, unwanted, and some of this is chemically induced and some is neuron induced and some is a trick.

We are now almost 5 years away from the past that sometimes haunts him. 5 years distance is a long time. 5 years is also not that long. But today the trauma doesn’t own him, or me.

If you need help getting past trauma, or just need help with something you are going through please get it. Don’t let your past own you.

This to shall pass.

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