First HomeSchool Field Trip

We had the great pleasure of joining the HomesCool Meetup Group and head over to All Fired Up last week. This amazing pottery place is full of all kinds of creations. You get to pick your piece, paint it, leave it to be fired, and then pick it up about 1 week later. Here is the story of our adventure:

We arrived when they opened ready to have first pick at the pottery on the shelves, and also to start making a choice before all the other children arrived. This allowed us have extra time to process all of the sensory stimulation of our surroundings. We took the time to look at all the items we could paint which allowed me to determine a budget. J decided that he could get 2 smaller items instead of one larger one, so he went for the dog and the cat. He told me that he wanted to paint his cat he has at moms house and the dog he has at dads. I thought it was a pretty neat idea. He was over budget by 2 dollars, but he had some cash in case that happened.

Next step was to hear all the instructions from the staff. This part made me a bit nervous as we have a tendency to barrel through things instead of following directions. However, the staff was very patient with all the children and he did a remarkable job of following directions. It was so nice to see him smiling and having fun when the staff member would ask the kids questions.

After we had our directions it was time to pick our colors. J carefully picked his colors out and I helped pour them into the container to help avoid any issues. We then picked our seat and got started painting. The thing with this specific locations process is that you have to do 3 layers of paint which for kiddos can be a bit tricky. J worked for a little over an hour on the cat and about 20 minutes on his dog. He put a lot of details on his cat and it turned out amazing.

At the end we had to turn everything over to be fired. The hard part was explaining that we would have to come back a week later to get the project. Once the staff member showed J what a finished piece looked like he was totally fine with leaving everything behind.

All in all we had a marvelous field trip and I hope we are able to attend more field trips with this group very soon. The parents and the kids made J feel included and that was such a nice feeling as a mom.

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