The Day After Vacation

Oh my today has been a day! J just got back from a 5 day vacation in Los Angeles, CA. He had loads of fun with extended family and friends alike. However, he is in sensory overload. For those of you who have an Aspie at home, you understand how crucial it is to keep the sensory overload from happening. Today was a day of constant calming and redirection.

One of the benefits to homeschooling is that we were able to take it one subject at a time today. Every class had to be fully discussed, explained, and processed together. One of his assignments was to write a list of things he did on vacation. That was apparently a very overwhelming task. We ended up getting out our laptops and using Google Docs to tag team writing down what happened. We broke it down to one or two word items. Our list looked like this:

  • beach
  • pier
  • sunset
  • paintball
  • roller coasters

Tomorrow this list will get turned into sentences, and then Thursday paragraphs, and Friday a final draft.

Remember, sometimes baby steps are needed, stepping back is needed, and changing your goals is a good thing. This week our goal is to get through the week without arguing about things that don’t really matter.


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