Every Little Thing…

As humans we often find that it is the big things in life that make or break us. That time that person dumped you, left you, abandoned you… that is a big thing. The moment you were the first in your family to have a major accomplishment of either traveling the world, graduating college, starting and running a successful business… that is a big thing.

Sometimes those big things over shadow all the little things.

This weekend at WordCamp Miami Kids Camp we had some really BIG things go really wrong. Internet provider issues beyond our control, attendee issues that were difficult to solve, and even speakers that couldn’t make it for various reasons. Those are very big things!

But the joy isn’t in the big things. It is in the little things.

The community as a whole stepped in and provided resources. People stepped up and provided assistance. Parents stayed patient while we redirected and revamped. And the kids HAD A BLAST!

I am so thankful I am in a community that loves giving more than taking and loves being there for each other. The world is a better place because of it. And I am humbled and honored to be a small part.

If each of us focuses on the little things. The big things won’t seem so bad. Huge Thanks to EVERYONE who stepped up, stepped in, brought me soda (those that don’t know me… this is my lifeline) and just let me brainstorm with you. This weekend couldn’t have happened without YOU!

Perspective is everything. Be thankful for the little things!

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