Living Fierce

Everyday I wake up wanting to accomplish something, check the to dos off the list. What I am finding is that none of this matters. How I view the world doesn’t matter and how it views me doesn’t either. What matters is that I love others without exception, and that I stand my ground when needed.

This past year has been amazing. It has been a glorious year of laughter and singing that we had been missing in our house for a while. When the kiddo went through his season of abuse the laughter stopped. It was all we could do to keep from being angry all the time. And we were. We were angry at the abuser, the world and just the universe for the hand my little kid was dealt. But we pushed on, and we never relented.

You can’t. When a kid’s happiness is what is gone, you can’t. You can not ever let up. You can not ever stop fighting. You can not ever let go. You must keep moving.

This morning I realized that we are now 5 years from the sentencing. 5 years of distance, space and time. 5 years… seems like forever. It is not. There are still nightmares, fears and struggles. BUT… we never give up and we never stop fighting.

Happiness has returned. There is singing and laughter once again. There is peace and assurance that this home is LOVE and LIGHT. This place is SAFE… this place is HOME. And the community we surround ourself with is FIERCE in every way. I will defend, protect, honor and serve to bring back light and laughter and it is returning. Thank goodness it is returning.

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