WordCamp Jacksonville 2019

Jacksonville is one of my favorite WordCamps. It allows you to meet almost everyone there and they do an amazing job fostering great networking events. This is one of the few camps that we are even able to bring J to which is a nice addition. The KidsCamp here is creative and innovative. This is a camp to keep on your radar for sure.

The Happiness Bar

This camp does something unique with the happiness bar that I do not see too often. The Happiness Bar (help desk) is actually inside the sponsor room. This allows sponsors and speakers to easily help anyone that needs it. It fosters a great sense of community and really speaks to the level of assistance sponsors and speakers are willing to give back. This sets the community events apart from general tech conferences.

The Speakers

I rarely make it into a talk. I am either behind a booth, at the happiness bar, or making connections to further business. The speakers this year were on point from what I have heard and the line up was amazing! Here are some of the awesome speakers that spoke this year.

The KidsCamp

KidsCamp is a Florida camp tradition. It is featured at Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville and is home to fun interactive activities, site builds, and educational good times. This year the event focused on building a hotel, pirate treasure and a WordPress blog. Here are some of the moments from this awesome event.

The After Party

One of the great things about this event is the networking opportunities. Jacksonville organizers work diligently to ensure that all attendees are able to have great networking events. The after party is no different. It is held at a brewery in the back yard with a nice tent over it. This allows the event to be family friendly. The brewery is next to a small river and there are event boat docks so fun places to explore. The food spread was done well and the people were amazing. Here are some photos of the location, food, and fun people were having.

All in all this camp was a blast. It is a joy to come back year after year and bring the whole family.

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