Moving On

This week has been full of introspection and it is only Tuesday. It is amazing to me how looking back over the last 5 years I can honestly say that the community I have been surrounded by has been an amazing one. In 2014 I stepped into a new role in a new job and found my true calling. It has been my honor in the years since to be part of the WordPress community as a whole.

But that is not what I am moving on from. Part of being a good steward in this community is giving back, pitching in, helping out and standing up. The past 5 years has been instrumental in the ability for me, with the help of many others, to help mold and shape kids programming. These programs were built with all kids in mind. We have kids of every kind attend, and this community truly is as diverse and accepting as they come.

The time has come. The time is now. It amazes me to see that these programs are growing so much that it is time to not be the individual planning the minutia, but rather the program as a whole. The day to day will no longer be where my assistance lies, and I am very much thankful for that.

But parting is such sweet sorrow. This weekend is WordCamp Miami. We will see 140 kiddos come through our door, and while I will still see most of them next year; I will not be teaching them.

This move does not come lightly for me. It has been one of lots of thought, decisions, and sacrifice. However, my purpose in this world is not about me, it is about leaving this world better than I found it. If I can do that by helping other communities to spread love, acceptance, and hope to kids then I will leave this world fulfilled.

But I can’t do it alone. This is very much a TEAM and COMMUNITY effort. So… If you are in the WordPress community and want to help write, edit or test curriculum reach out. We need dedicated teachers, writers, bloggers, editors and so much more to charge the way for a better tomorrow.

Tomorrow Begins Today.

Tomorrow Belongs To The Kids

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