Learning and Growing

Everyday I learn something new. I think it is important to always be open minded and cognizant of the ability to stretch what one knows. Being open to new ideas, philosophies and individuals is what allowed our great nation to be born. As Americans, we have become so closed minded, divisive and generally elitist. None of this is a catalyst for growth or change.

I personally want to learn something new every day. I want to grow a little. I want to be a better person, mother, friend, etc. This is not an overnight process. This is slow and steady like churning a good butter, a delicious bread or making a smooth candy. If you overwork any of those you end up with utter disgustingness.

Understand that your neighbor may not know what you know. THAT IS OKAY. It does not make them dumb, ignorant, or stupid. It makes them different. They may have walked a different road, come from a different culture, or been through a different set of challenges. Learn from one another and embrace your differences.

Reach out to your neighbors, community, and BE THERE. Don’t just live there. Truly engage. Start a Civic Organization. Be the change you want to see in the world. Start at home. Love your community. Find its challenges and find a way to help.

The world will never change if we don’t change it. Be the change. Be Better. Our children depend on it. And teach them to do the same.

My mom always told me growing up “Leave a place better than when you got there” I truly hope when I leave this world that the people, places and lives I have interacted with are better off because I was there. If not, I failed.

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