It’s Not About Us

Learning life lessons is hard. There is no way to argue that. Hard times, hard roads, hard relationships all lend itself to lessons learned. The biggest lesson learned recently is that It is NOT about US. It is about them.

I am not talking selfishness. I am talking EGOS. I know that no one wants to talk about checking the Ego at the door, but for a minute let’s chat.

Your Ego, My Ego…. The Ego can ruin a career. Do not let your Ego control you. Remember it is NOT about US. It is about THEM.

I am learning that when you volunteer you are doing so to serve. It is not about you. If your service is self-serving it isn’t really service. Let go of the idea that you will get something out of it. The only thing your service should return to you is the warm fuzzies. You know the feeling you get when you do good just because.

If you have knowledge, share it. If you have time, give it. If you have money, use it. Just don’t do it so the your EGO can take a joy ride. Do it because when we all check our Egos at the door, the world becomes a better place.

Reach for a better tomorrow. Leave your Ego at home.

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