Getting Ready for Vacation

We are getting ready to head to Philadelphia, even Teddy is getting ready. This trip is going to be an absolute blast. We have 5 days to see the city, and we are going to see as much as we can. We happen to be going to a conference over the weekend, but we still have 4 days to play. We are planning on Philly Cheesesteaks, The Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall. We also are going to try to see how coins are made at the US Mint. Last time we were there the mint was done for the day so we did not get to see a whole lot. We are wrapping this trip into our homeschool and we have been studying the formation of America. Today, J and I made lists of what we need to pack and what we need to purchase. I see a trip to Walmart or Target in our near future. Being that the trip is in December, we will need jackets and layers. The high will be around 40 degrees while we are there, and we are used to a high of 70 in the winter. J is super excited and feels that this trip will be a breeze since we recently went to DC. I will post pictures when we get back so that you can see our trip and all the fun we had.

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