Learning through the WordPress Community

My little guy has his own WordPress website, and he loves to share his writing assignments with others. We had the opportunity to attend our local WordCamp recently that allowed him to help other kids start their own WordPress sites. He had a blast sharing something he is so passionate about with others. WordCamps are great places for anyone to learn more about using WordPress, and one thing that I love about my local camp is that we offer a camp geared just for kids. More and more camps are expanding and doing KidsCamps, so check your local camp to see if they do as well.

One thing that J loves to do is share what he loves with others. WordPress gives him a platform to do just that. It doesn’t matter if it is a paper he wrote, a photo or a video, he can post it and share it with the world. This has shown him that he matters and that he does have a voice. The process has even provided a much-needed self-esteem boost.

Another thing I love about these camps is they have a lot of giveaways that even the kids can participate in. J won a Wapuu (the mascot of WordPress) and he now sleeps with it every night. He was so shocked that he won. The WordPress Community provides us all a second family, and most of us are nerds which is the perfect place for him to be. We will see what the next year holds as we wrap up 2016, but I will try to post some holiday updates as I can.



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